Family Entertainment for All Occasions

Mary Ellen's magic shows are fun.  She likes to make things appear and disappear. Sometimes magic is used for a story or to create a surprise. Members of the audience like to participate as magician assistants.  She has a wide collection of tricks suitable for the stage  or strolling entertainment . Some tricks include: magic coloring book, making a silk vanish, multiplying magic wands, ropes, cards, water, balloon tricks and many more. She will bring her microphone and sound system to your event.  She can dress as a magician without any clown make-up too.  Kids enjoy her show because it is entertaining and funny.


Mary Ellen creates beautiful balloon animals,  hats and balloon costumes. Using Balloon Theater techniques, she encourgages  members of the audience to hold balloon props or wear balloon costumes as they participate in stories sometimes with puppets. It may include a large balloon house as in the story of "The Three Pigs". Audience members may wave balloons in time to the music of sing-a-longs songs. She leads balloon games such as water balloon toss and other balloon challenges.  There is a balloon demonstration show available.  Balloon magic tricks are in the magic show. Her balloons come in many sizes, shapes and colors  to create an exciting show.