Family Entertainment for All Occasions

Mother Goose Storyteller

Mary Ellen tells stories to children as Mother Goose. The Victorian Festival in Northville, Michigan has had her as their storyteller for over 10 years. She has perfected her craft in part, by attending many National Storytelling Conventions. She uses puppets and balloon props to inhance the story experience. Kids and parents are asked to participate with the story, by making sound effects. Other props include: A Chinese Dragon, rhythm instruments, and balloon costumes. Christmas and Halloween shows are also available.

A small list of some available story types.  1. John Henry   2. Casey Jones   3. Nursery Rhymes   4. Fairy Tales   5. Rosh Hoshanah and Purim   6. Yom Kippur  7. Easter   8. Christmas   9. Halloween   10. Science

Train Show

The  train show is great for anytime of year.  The audience learns the difference between freight trains and passenger trains, steam engines and diesel, the language of the train whistle, safety around trains, and the importance of hobos.  Names and purposes of the cars with props representing them and held by the children make it meaningful. Train stories and train songs add to the variety. The train show can, also, be featured for Black History Month  with the story of John Henry, famous African American inventors of train related inventions and an African American author of books, puzzles and other train related materials.

Children are dressed in engineer caps and neckerchiefs to hold a large cardboard train as we sing "I've Been Working on the Railroad" at the end of the show.

Bug show

This show about insects that are beneficial or a nuisance is done with puppets.  Learn the parts of an insect and what they do. Insects such as bees, lady bugs, moths, butterflies, ants, praying mantis, grass hoppers are among those highlighted.  Children are invited to operate some of the puppets.  These puppets are very colorful and lifelike.  Things that like to eat insects are included such as a spider collection, bats, and turtle.

This is an entertaining show that can be used for Science in schools or nature centers as well as malls, libraries, or for smaller venues.

Olympics show

This show is offered every other year to coincide with the Summer or Winter Olympics.

This show can incorporate a large number of participants  during the opening ceremony as they march in with flags of many nations and the torch.  Contests to fit the motto "Swifter, Higher and Stronger" are conducted. Music such as the Olympic Fanfare and National Anthems are used. There are activities to emphasize special facts about the country hosting the Olympics.  Mary Ellen wears the Olympic tee shirt for the year presented and shows her Olympic tee shirt collection on the backdrop. Learn how the Olympics got started in Greece and about the Modern Olympics. This educational program can be teamed up with academic olympics which are popular in some schools.  There is a closing ceremony with the heros of the events leading the way.  This show stimulates interest in the Olympics.

"Under the Sea" Show

Join Mary Ellen on the beach for an adventurous experience in search of treasure and pleasure in and under the sea!  There are fish and more fish with songs about fish, swimming, and being on the beach.  Fish puppets and fish tricks, fish story,  fish spelling contest and tongue twister contest add to the fun.  Where space permits giant bubbles appear . The show is built around a high level of audience participation. Some adults and children become bubble makers, instant puppeteers and prop holders in the acting out of stories and songs.

.In the final number, the children in the audience join in from their seats by becoming a school of sharks using envelope puppets while others in the stage area use an octopus, inflated tropical fish, body puppet sea horses and star fish to act out the song "Under the Sea".

Bunny Show

This spring show has bunny puppets, bunny magic, bunny stories,a balloon hat parade to song and music, the Bunny Hop dance, more bunny songs  to act out and a bunny backdrop.  There is plenty of audience participation.  A costumed bunny is available, too.

Around the World

This show can feature one country or highlight several.  There will be an appropriate backdrop, stories puppets and music to bring the country to life.  Australia, China, Egypt, Ireland and Nigeria are among the favorites.

Some highlights of the Australian show are a didgeridoo and didgeridoo music, aborigine activity, puppet animals and songs.  A hit in the show about China is a dragon parade.  The show about Egypt features props representing the pyramids, sphinx, and the eye of Isis.  A mummy wrapping contest livens things up.  In traveling to Ireland we see a very animated dancing Leprechan marionette, join in the Irish dances, and listen to Irish stories.  A little leprechan magic is sprinkled throughout.  We see the colorful clothing designed in Nigeria as we travel to Africa,  handle a broom made from a palm tree and a toothbrush made of wood.  Play the drums and dance to the beat, listen to stories of Nigeria, sing songs and play a game.

Musical Theme

A whole show can be musical with songs, dance and children playing rhythm instruments.  Mary Ellen has a beautiful singing voice and leads the audience in sing-a-longs.  There are appropriate props for children to use in the many songs and musical activities. One popular medley honors our country and flag.